Match Worn 2003/04 TFG Away Shirt

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Match Worn 2003/04 TFG Away Shirt

Hang on, did you read that correctly? Do your eyes deceive you? An 03/04 match worn away? Surely not?

'He's on a wind up, he must be!'

He's not, for here it is. One of the rarest County shirts since the turn of the millennium. Replicas of these are hard enough to find now, ones worn in games are almost impossible to get. Unless, of course, you've got a line to your favourite County shirt peddler.

Worn by on-loan defender Shaun Smith during his brief spell at EP. Size XL, superb condition.

'BuT iT cAn'T bE mAtCh WoRn, ThErE's No SlEeVe PaTcH!'

Grow up. This season was notorious for missing patches. Have attached two pics from games this shirt was worn in nearly six months apart (Brighton in October, Chesterfield in April) to illustrate the case. Features correct size, style and colour Football League name set professionally printed.

You've probably never seen a match worn of these up for grabs before, especially one that's not been ruined by signatures. You'll likely never see another. Close that gaping whole in your collection while you can, you know you'll regret it if you don't.