Player issue 1996-98 adidas home shirt

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Player issue 1996-98 adidas home shirt

A player issue of our most popular ever shirt, the shirt I get asked for on an almost daily basis.

The details. Short sleeve, number 9 which was predominantly worn by Brett Angell in the two seasons we wore this. Correct style heat pressed number 9 and Nationwide Football League sleeve patches.

The size label has been cut out but looks to be an XL, pretty much all shirts from that era were.

IMPORTANT! Please read on.

I originally had this up as a match worn but after some digging I don’t believe that to be the case. The main issue is how the sleeve patches have been stitched. This is proper nerd collectors territory here, so stick with me. The patches have been stitched on but the stitching pattern doesn’t match other Nationwide patches I’ve got on match worn shirts.

They are 100% genuine, original sleeve patches, they’re not the laughable fakes off eBay that you can spot a mile off. But the stitching to the shirt suggests they have been added elsewhere, not by Bish back in the 90s. So to the untrained eye, it looks 99.9% a match worn but, as ever, the devil is in the detail.

Given the 9 has been properly heat pressed I believe this is at least player issue.

You’ll know replicas of this shirt have sold for over £260 previously so this is still something special.

There’s the odd nick in the fabric and some fading of the crest where it's been washed but in really good condition.

An incredibly rare opportunity to purchase one of the best shirts I've sold through this site.

A reluctant sale and the prices reflects the condition, scarcity and history of the shirt. Good luck finding another.